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Create your account and select the place and date of your next Eco-Sustainable Holiday. Choose among the eco-friendly structures that best meets your needs and do not miss the opportunity to experience the Green Holiday. Compose your EcoStay and personalize your trip choosing among the interesting EcoEsperiences proposed by the structures and start to enjoy the taste of a holiday between cultures and enchanting places in total relaxation and harmony with nature.

Send your request

Designed your EcoStay, verify the summary of data and send the availability request to the structure. Within the next 24 hours you will receive confirmation to your request directly from the structure. Within your account you can always check the status of your request, contact the property directly and view, add or delete your EcoStay.

Wait for confirmation, then pay or agree a payment!

Within 24 hours after sending the request, the structure of your choice will send you an e-mail confirming your booking and directions for payment. In order not to lose your reservation you will need to pay by PayPal or Credit Card within 24 hours. You can also agree on a different payment with the structure. In the event that the structure does not confirm your booking you can contact it through the messaging section and receive directions for any changes regarding your trip and proceed with booking.




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Join as a Partner

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EcoStay & EcoExperiences

EcoStay & EcoExperiences

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The Guarantee of

We have selected the best experiences for you! Biotravel structures have biological, ethical and environmental certifications. They produce and cook organic foods, invest in energy efficiency, in renewable energy and carry out activities in respect of places, nature and well-being of the person, making possible a concrete approach to environmental sustainability.

Eco-Sustainability Score

Traveling in an eco-sustainable way is important and can be done in many ways. Each partner structure will have its own eco-sustainability score on the basis of  requirements that it will be in possession. You will choose how to respect the environment by traveling. Whatever your choice, we are sure that in the end you will feel better about yourself, aware that you could not do more for yourself, your children and the entire planet!

The advantage: the "Ecoexperiences"

A holiday is not a simple journey or mass tourism. The goal is to get you in tune with nature, so you can give value to your holiday. This is why we decided to involve you in the numerous activities that the partner structures make available: Adventure & Sport, Educational Farm & courses, excursions & guided tours in the fields and organic farms, tastings, activities in the countryside and much, much more.

Feels like home!

The booking experience is based on honesty and transparency. You will be free to request the availability of your Eco-experience directly to the structure which in turn will take charge of your booking and will take care to communicate the availability and all the details you want to know. Your payment will be made to confirm availability and will be made securely through PayPal or Credit Card.





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