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FAQ Biotravel

The most frequent questions that users ask us

1. What is is the first online portal on eco-sustainable tourism in which you can buy and book your holidays exclusively at facilities that have organic, ethical and environmental certifications. & Nbsp; & Nbsp;

2. Do all the facilities have organic certifications?

Yes. Biotravel has selected only facilities that have biological, ethical and environmental certifications, use good practices aimed at eco-sustainability and propose activities in contact with nature, approaching eco-sustainable themes and that in some way support and respect the environment ;

3. What advantages does biotravel offer? is the only portal that offers the possibility to request the booking of eco-experiences or eco-sustainable organic holidays to be used exclusively at certified and selected structures.

4. What is certification?

Biotravel operates in the bio eco tourism so all the facilities have certifications aimed at ascertaining that:

  • They produce and cook organic food;
  • They invest in energy efficiency;
  • Invest in the exploitation of renewable energy;
  • They perform activities in respect of places, nature and well-being of the person;
  • They have certain sustainability requirements.

5. What do we mean by "eco-experience"?

An eco-experience biotravel is the whole of what, our certified facilities, are able to offer. Eco-experiences refer to each individual structure and can contain, for example, eco-lodges (overnight stays), organic meals, excursions, educational farms, guided tours, organic products and much more. The activities proposed by the partner structure will be free or optional in order to create an own eco-sustainable holiday path that will be, in fact, the eco-experience.

6 Which payment methods can I use?

Paypal, credit card (using paypal even without account). Other payment methods can be agreed later and in compliance with the agreements between and the partner structures.

7 I requested availability for an eco-experience! And now?

After making your availability request including any additional services you would like to use, the partner structure will have 24 hours to confirm or refuse the booking. After 24 hours from your request, the same will no longer be confirmed and will behave as if it had been refused.
If the structure has confirmed your booking, you will receive an email of acceptance and directions for payment that can be made within 24 hours of confirmation, directly from your user account. & Nbsp; If payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email. You'll have everything available on your user account.

8. What should I do if I request availability for an eco-experience but does the structure have no availability for the dates I had selected?

Since, therefore, the structure will have "refused" your reservation you will not have to pay any amount and you will have 3 possibilities:
make another request for different dates;
Contact the property by message directly from your user account and, more precisely, & nbsp; in the detail of the reservation refused (which will be kept in memory & nbsp; in your history). I agreed to agree on the new dates to be inserted in a new request for availability, which, except for strange coincidences or reservations overlaps, the structure will "confirm".

9. I just made a request but I noticed that the booking data I entered is not correct.

No problem! You can cancel your request for free within one hour of submission. Even if you have already made the payment you will be reimbursed the full amount. In any case, after one hour from the request and without prejudice to the fact that you have paid, the cancellation terms will come into force.

10. What happens if the structure cancels the reservation?

Simple! You will receive a full refund.

11. What happens if the property is not able to provide the service purchased on the day of check-in?

We always advise you to keep in touch with the partner structure. In any case, for problems of this nature, you are protected, regardless of any inconvenience caused, by a contractual provision existing between and the Partner who obliges the latter to reimburse the full amount and, at your discretion, find on your behalf another accommodation reasonably comparable in terms of size, number of rooms, characteristics and quality to that described in your original booking.

12. Are the prices of the nights standard and fixed?

No, the partner structure is given the possibility to set specific prices according to the period. Precisely because there may be more tariffs, the lowest price is indicated in the eco-experiences previews.

13. The prices I see are per person?

Prices for stays are per room per night. Additional activities, on the other hand, & nbsp; they can be free (ie included), they can have a price per person or a fixed cost and it will be all visible directly on the page of the experience.

14. How do I add or buy experiences together with the living room?

Each partner structure can add activities in addition to the living room. The activities that can be added are on the same page of eco-experience and contain information on price and content. You can select them and add them to the request. Then, on the summary page, double check the details and additional activities you have selected (in case you forgot to select some activities you can do it on this summary page) and go ahead with the request.

15. Can I give eco-experience to third parties?

Once the eco experience has been paid, it is possible to give it to anyone. It will be necessary to communicate any changes to the partner structure to allow it to be better organized.

16. Can I cancel the purchase?

The withdrawal conditions are indicated in the contractual conditions. However, cancellation within one hour of the request is permitted. In this case, if you have made the payment you will be returned the full amount. After that, the cancellation terms specified by the structure become effective. In any case, even if you submit to what is indicated in the cancellation terms, you can always cancel your reservation.

17. Is cancellation free?

There are 3 types of conditions that partner structures can apply: Rigid, Moderate and Flexible. Cancellation is free, respectively, within 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours before the date of travel. After these deadlines, you will not receive any reimbursement. Furthermore, cancellation is always free within 60 minutes from the date of your request.

18. How can I create an Account?

You can create an account through the "Registered" section, located in the menu at the top right of the desktop, entering the required data.

19. I lost my account password!

Within the user login form located in the menu at the top right of the desktop, at the bottom, you will find the link "Need help?" . Clicking on the link will open a password recovery form in which you can re-enter your email and proceed with resetting your account.

20. How can I register for the newsletter?

You can subscribe to the newsletter below in the "newsletter" section by entering your email address and selecting "send"

21. I do not want to receive the Newsletter anymore.

Send an email containing the message "NO NEWSLETTER" to from the email address from which you want to deactivate the newsletter. Or, click on the appropriate "unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of the emails you receive.