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Farmer's weekend

Ortoalpino 2 - 8 2 - 3 16:00 11:00
EcoStay Description

Ortoalpino proposes "Farmer's weekend", a formula successfully tested to encourage a real meeting between guests and agricultural life. Guests arrival is expected by Friday evening.

The morning after around 8 am there will be an alpine breakfast with fresh milk, bread, butter and jam and homemade desserts. We then start work in the garden and in the vegetable garden. The guest can participate as a spectator or if he thinks he will be able to collaborate in tilling, weeding, taking care of the animals or contributing to the small maintenance.

Guests who decide to help will be offered an alpine lunch made with farm products. The work experience will resume until 4 pm and will end with a collective herbal tea.

After 5 pm the bread-making experience will begin (eco-experience n.1) which will continue the following morning until the lunch that is included for those who will participate in the experience. For other people the morning is free with the availability of our mountain bikes for a bike ride.

With a supplement of 15 euros per person it is possible to participate in the buffet lunch with bread and confectionery enriched with cold cuts and cold cuts.

 At 2 pm, for those who want to participate, the eco experience n ° 2 is an excursion to recognize and collect medicinal and aromatic herbs.

At 17 we anticipate the return from eco-experience and the final greeting with another herbal tea

Add EcoExperiences

Make your Eco-stay wonderful and consider adding the eco-experiences proposed by the structure. Some Eco-experiences have already been included.

  • The lawn in table
    • Cost Type Activity: Cost by person
    • EcoExperiences Price:40 €

    We will meet at the Ortoalpino farm on Sunday immediately after lunch. One of our expert botanist and herbalist will give a brief theoretical lesson on alpine mountain herbs, on the families they belong to and the main medicinal and gastronomic properties. You start with the excursion directly from the farm and you will walk through meadows, pastures and woods looking for species to collect. Each participant will be equipped with a basket and a knife. our botanical guide will show us the herbs, their habitat and their use. > The excursion will last about a couple of hours. On return we will have a table and always guided by the expert, we will verify the goodness of the harvest and we will also see some methods of use. We will conclude the experience with a small tasting of the same herbs that the factor will have previously collected and cooked. The herbs that each collects can then be kept by the participants for domestic use. The experience will be organized with a minimum of 4 people for which your request will be accepted upon reaching the minimum number, unless otherwise provided by the companion.

  • Bread & cakes from wood oven
    • Cost Type Activity: Cost by person
    • EcoExperiences Price:45 €

    The experience involves the participants in the phases of dough, leavening, cooking and tasting of bread, pizza (focaccia) and desserts cooked in a wood oven. Given the need to raise the dough is an experience that will necessarily take place over 2 days. The afternoon of the first day we will explain the techniques of natural leavening and wood firing. We will then proceed with the guests to prepare the basic dough that will have to rise all night. the next morning, at the time that we will settle together (depending for example if it is summer or winter) we will meet, we will check the leavening of the basic dough and prepare the bread, the base for pizza or focaccia and some sweets. As soon as the preparation of the shapes is finished, we will let them rise again in a warm environment and immediately afterwards we will light the oven and make a nice fire for about 2 hours until the oven has reached the right temperature. We will clean it from the embers and the ashes and start to bake the longer cooking and gradually the faster. When cooked, we will taste the fruit of our work together




Structure Description
Ortoalpino is a small farm, agritourism and educational farm located at 650 meters above sea level in the Belluno pre-Alps. It owns and leads about 2 hectares of land to house a large vegetable garden, orchards, meadows for mowing and some wooded hedges for wood. Raise poultry and rabbits in the free state. Cultivations and alleviations are free from pesticides, antibiotics, c... Read more
Services and Details
Private bathroom
English language
Italian language
Vegetarian Foods
Zero-Km Food
Organic Food
Traditional Foods
Pet friendly
Free WiFi
Environmental requirements
Eco Sustainability requirements
  • Biological, environmental, ethical or other certification.
  • Pet Friendly
  • Raccolta differenziata
  • Fattoria didattica, scuola o corsi
  • Utilizzo di prodotti ecologici per la pulizia
  • Risparmio idrico (Recupero e riuso delle acque, riduttori di flusso etc.)
  • Sistemi di efficientamento energetico (es. utilizzo lampade Led)
  • Elettricità Energie rinnovabili (eolico, fotovoltaico)
  • Pannelli solari per acqua calda
  • Edifici in bio architettura
  • Attività naturalistiche (trekking, escursioni, equiturismo, etc)
  • Ristorazione Biologica o a Km0
  • Production of products at Km0

Address Structure

The structure is situated in Trichiana (Belluno)