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Living the Village and all around

Corte Candelora Bed & Breakfast 2 - 6 2 - 6 15:00 10:30
EcoStay Description

Living the village means discovering every corner of Sternatia during a guided tour;

living the village means listening and not only hearing authentic sounds and noises;

living the village means sightseeing all Salento easily by sustainable means of transport like bicycle or train;

living the village means that every trip to Sternatia will be a unique experience.

Add EcoExperiences

Make your Eco-stay wonderful and consider adding the eco-experiences proposed by the structure. Some Eco-experiences have already been included.

  • Included in the EcoStay
    Guided tour in Sternatia
    • Cost Type Activity: Free EcoExperience

    Guests will do a guided tour of Sternatia with the hosts of Corte Candelora Bed and Breakfast.


Corte Candelora Bed and Breakfast

Corte Candelora Bed & Breakfast

Structure Description
A charming white "Court House" where guests will breath the history, the traditions and the positive energy of Salento being welcomed and involved. Comfortable to go sightseeing across around the region becuse it is very close to the most interesting places.
Services and Details
Private bathroom
English language
French language
Italian language
Zero-Km Food
Traditional Foods
Aria condizionata
Free WiFi
Environmental requirements
Eco Sustainability requirements
  • Raccolta differenziata
  • Utilizzo di prodotti ecologici per la pulizia
  • Risparmio idrico (Recupero e riuso delle acque, riduttori di flusso etc.)
  • Sistemi di efficientamento energetico (es. utilizzo lampade Led)
  • Practices of recycling/reuse of materials
  • Eco Friendly furnishings
  • Attività naturalistiche (trekking, escursioni, equiturismo, etc)
  • Pratiche per la mobilità sostenibile (Mezzi elettrici, car sharing, etc)
  • Ristorazione Biologica o a Km0
  • Support local economy

Address Structure

The structure is situated in Sternatia (Lecce)