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Nature & Relax -In the heart of the High Amalfi Cost

Songbird 2 - 2 1 - 30 15:00 11:00
EcoStay Description


The pleasure to get the beaches of the Amalfi coast on foot, following historical hiking trails, including the Path of the Gods, from Agerola to Positano, about 7km (650m above sea level) with a beautiful panoramic view of the coast.

According to a legend, the Greek gods would have passed here to save Ulysses from the Sirens who were on the Li Galli islands.




Structure Description
Located in Agerola, a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast , Songbird is in the center of the Monti Lattari and a few steps from the Path of the Gods. The style of the rooms stems from our work of labor and creative recycling of wood, executed with passion, care and attention to detail. Each room has a private bathroom with colors that recall the style of Vietri craftsmanship. ... Read more
Services and Details
Private bathroom
English language
Italian language
Free WiFi
Environmental requirements
Eco Sustainability requirements
  • Raccolta differenziata
  • Risparmio idrico (Recupero e riuso delle acque, riduttori di flusso etc.)
  • Sistemi di efficientamento energetico (es. utilizzo lampade Led)
  • Practices of recycling/reuse of materials
  • Eco Friendly furnishings
  • Attività naturalistiche (trekking, escursioni, equiturismo, etc)
  • Production of products at Km0
  • Support local economy

Address Structure

The structure is situated in Agerola (Napoli)