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The Vegetable World Communicates!

Fattoria Didattica Gli Allori 1 - 8 2 - 7 14:30 11:00
EcoStay Description

BREAKFAST INCLUDED- We live in a territory of great Plant Biodiversity and it will be useful and interesting to recognize the most important spontaneous species in the kitchen, for the family pharmacopoeia, the dyeing plants ...

Meeting plants in their natural habitat will help us to contact their most intimate energy, the ancestral power of the Trees, the effectiveness of simple Herbs, a creative opportunity to take care of ourselves!

Add EcoExperiences

Make your Eco-stay wonderful and consider adding the eco-experiences proposed by the structure. Some Eco-experiences have already been included.

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    • Cost Type Activity: Cost by person
    • EcoExperiences Price:100 €

  • Plant Laboratory. Recognition, collection and processing of Useful Plants
    • Cost Type Activity: Cost by person
    • EcoExperiences Price:70 €

    The laboratory foresees a walk in the Wood and in the lawns to the discovery of the flora that in every moment of the year from us it is found various and generous. We can recognize and to pick up the useful kinds in the kitchen: the plants Alimurgiche from the savory ancient tastes, from the digestive ownerships, detoxifying, anticolesterolo and rich of mineral salts. Stories, mythologies and curiosity will accompany our runs. The exploration of the Vegetable World will continue with the Aromatic plants and the Officinalis from the jewels active principles. We will distinguish the balmy times for the different harvests and we can desiccate some essences for tisane, infusions and aromatic salts. Besides we can realize syrups, candies, dyes, oleoliti, creams. The belonging participants to the same nucleus famigliares will have a discount. Everyone will take home the preparations produced during the Laboratory that will have a duration of about 6 hours.


Fattoria Didattica Gli Allori

Fattoria Didattica Gli Allori

Structure Description
The Farm is situated on a high hill, facing south on the Tiber valley, it is surrounded by oak woods, ash trees, hornbeams. It is close to a SIC for its Biodiversity. The farmhouse built in local stone at the end of the 1700s has been restored with respect to the original structures and eco-friendly materials. The ground floor is dedicated to Hospitality: three rooms with private bathroom and i... Read more
Services and Details
Private bathroom
English language
Italian language
barrier-free tourism
Pet friendly
Free WiFi
Environmental requirements
Eco Sustainability requirements
  • Biological, environmental, ethical or other certification.
  • Pet Friendly
  • Turismo senza barriere
  • Wellness, cosmetici bio, biopiscina
  • Raccolta differenziata
  • Fattoria didattica, scuola o corsi
  • Utilizzo di prodotti ecologici per la pulizia
  • Risparmio idrico (Recupero e riuso delle acque, riduttori di flusso etc.)
  • Sistemi di efficientamento energetico (es. utilizzo lampade Led)
  • Practices of recycling/reuse of materials
  • Elettricità Energie rinnovabili (eolico, fotovoltaico)
  • Pannelli solari per acqua calda
  • Edifici in bio architettura
  • Eco Friendly furnishings
  • Attività naturalistiche (trekking, escursioni, equiturismo, etc)
  • Pratiche per la mobilità sostenibile (Mezzi elettrici, car sharing, etc)
  • Ristorazione Biologica o a Km0
  • Production of products at Km0
  • Support local economy

Address Structure

The structure is situated in Gubbio (Perugia)