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Azienda Agricola Agrituristica Biologica Bagnolese SSa 2 - 5 2 - 4
EcoStay Description

BIOBAGNOLESE AGRITURISMO, together with other companies is an integral part, HEART BUTTON of the Bio-District of Via Amerina and Delle Forre.

t is a geographical area naturally suited to organic farming, where farmers, citizens, tour operators, associations and public administrations make an agreement for the sustainable management of resources, starting from the biological model of production and consumption (short supply chain, buying groups, public bio canteens).

In the bio-district, the promotion of organic products is inextricably linked with the promotion of the territory and its peculiarities in order to achieve a full development of its economic, social and cultural potential. A journey along the route of the ancient road to the rediscovery of its history, of agricultural and gastronomic traditions.


  • Visits to affiliated archaeologists sites.
  • On request it will be possible to extend guided tours on farms belonging to the Biodistretto.
  • Tasting of local and typical local products.
  • Purchase of company products and tours of gastronomic purchases in short supply chains guaranteed by the producers.


Our activity offers to those who wish the half-board service, with a minimum reservation of 24 hours. Dinner (full menu, first course, second course, dessert and drinks included) is € 25 per adult, and 15 € for children up to 7 years. For children under 4 years, the meal is free. Our menus are prepared at the minute and with the company or company products we work with. We accept pets with extra cost.

Included Services
  • Breakfast Included
  • Free Children 0-3 years
  • Free WiFi
  • Sheets and towels
  • Free Parking

Add EcoExperiences

Make your Eco-stay wonderful and consider adding the eco-experiences proposed by the structure. Some Eco-experiences have already been included.

  • The Bread: Heart of life
    • Cost Type Activity: Cost by person
    • EcoExperiences Price:10 €

    Every week Mom made bread, in the cupboard and then bake it in a wood oven. our neighbors, joined us to bring their dishes, roasts, vegetables and pizzas, to be cooked in the oven with bread. Was it a tiring lifestyle? I do not know how to answer, rather I remember well how much party there was in these moments and how nice it would be if we could bring our children back to that time to let them taste the bit of freedom we enjoyed in our childhood. Creating an olfactory memory that evokes and exalts sensations is possible through the fragrant scent of freshly baked bread. Our offer consists in spending a day with us to make bread, it takes a few hours, and in the wait to prepare pasta and desserts, for the coming week, just as it was done in the times mentioned. It is the ideal proposal for a family that wants to give itself a moment of sharing. It is useful to specify that the offer includes the complete stay for a family of at least 3 people, and a share of the product produced. We accept pets with a cost supplement. The bread making time is not always precise, it varies according to the climate, temperature and humidity, and the quality of the products used, so the proposed production times may vary. Breakfast at 8:00 am bakery workshop. During the leavening it is possible to visit the farms and the farm. 11 am: setting aside the bread and setting up sweets. 12:30 am ignition of the wood oven; waiting for tasting of seasonal company products. 14.00 Cooking of bread.


Azienda Agricola Agrituristica Biologica Bagnolese SSa

Azienda Agricola Agrituristica Biologica Bagnolese SSa

Structure Description
Agriturismo Biobagnolese was completely renovated in 2000, following the restoration of the old farm stand , in full respect of its original architecture. The bedrooms at the first floor of the agritourism are perfect for couples and families and are equipped with essential services. The old stable now serving as a restaurant is characterised by a big chimney. Furniture include old tools used by the members of t... Read more
Services and Details
English language
French language
Italian language
Celiac Foods
Zero-Km Food
Organic Food
Pet friendly
Wifi on request
Environmental requirements
Eco Sustainability requirements
  • Biological, environmental, ethical or other certification.
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fattoria didattica, scuola o corsi
  • Utilizzo di prodotti ecologici per la pulizia
  • Ristorazione Biologica o a Km0
  • Production of products at Km0

Address Structure

The structure is situated in Orte (Viterbo)