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Registering your property is completely free. Give life to unforgettable eco-experiences.


Create and customize your eco-experiences in complete autonomy, make them exclusive based on what you can offer.


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The first portal of its kind

Respecting nature

We select the best eco-friendly facilities! Biotravel structures have biological, ethical and environmental certifications. They produce and cook organic foods, invest in energy efficiency and in renewable energy and carry out activities in respect of places, nature and well-being of the person, making possible a concrete approach to environmental sustainability.



A complete tool to manage your structure

Create EcoStay in just a few minutes

Create your EcoStay in a few minutes, add some EcoExperiences, enter the prices of stay according to the period, indicate the minimum and maximum guests, the minimum and maximum nights, the description, customize the offer to the best customer. 

Create, publish, edit

Can you no longer offer an EcoStay or a EcoExperiences or do you want to temporarily block it? In a second you can hide it, so as to review your offer. Create as many EcoStay as you wish, modify them and publish them.

Manage your bookings

Manage your reservations easily and securely. Accept a reservation request or decline it, depending on availability and in total freedom, contact the user for information, view the status of the reservation. 

Sales details

Reporting has never been so simple, you will have a section where you can see all the details of sales made on, even an annual history. You will be able to collect, in advance and in complete safety, the amount of the service offered.


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Registering is simple and free

You can sign up in less than a minute, you have just to complete a few data to start working with us and find new customers for your facility.


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