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Contractual Conditions User - Biotravel

Contractual conditions for the user who uses the site to accept


Biotravel S.r.l. (hereinafter, owner of, through the online platform performs a service of intermediation between Users (Customers or Users below) and structures or companies affiliated (hereinafter "Partner" or "Partners" ), allowing Users to purchase stays and experiences, ie orders of services and products, which entitle the User to obtain a service or product (for example, catering, beauty treatments, overnight stays, or other) provided by the Partners to a price set by the Partners themselves, and possibly discounted at the discretion of Biotravel Srl


2.1 These Terms and Conditions contain the terms and conditions governing the use by the User of the services offered by

2.2 By registering on the Website, and the consequent acceptance of these Conditions during the registration process or sending a request, the User expressly agrees and guarantees to respect all the Site Conditions, none excluded, and in particular agrees that violates the rights of any other person, who will not contravene the laws in force, who will refrain from sending data or information that is not true or in violation of the copyright of others or personal data of other subjects without the respective authorizations of the owners.

2.3 The PRIVACY INFORMATION present on the site at the link PRIVACY POLICY is an integral part of these Conditions.
The continuation in the use of the site indicates express acceptance by the User.
The User expressly declares that he is legally capable of stipulating contracts in accordance with applicable laws.

3. CHANGE OF CONDITIONS reserves the right to modify and / or update the General Conditions, if it deems it necessary for legal or technical reasons.


4.1 On the website (hereinafter, the "Website"), inserts the list of Partners participating in the Biotravel circuit and advertises the characteristics that the Partners themselves declare. favors the purchase and the composition of the travel route desired by the User through the choice among numerous Partners (organic products shops, organic restaurants, hotels, B & B, farms, wellness centers and all those Partners that have environmental certifications, biological or ecological) and a multiplicity of services and quality products specially selected by

4.2 The prices applied are those indicated by the Partner when inserting their profile and their proposals and activities. The User can also purchase any additional services offered by the Partner on the website.

4.3 provides services for greater visibility of Partners, networking their products and services, and applying, at the discretion of the same company, any discounts. The sums relating to the aforementioned services will be paid directly to the Partner facility according to the methods offered by the site. If the Partner does not have the necessary tools to be able to collect such sums, upon acceptance of the contract and authorization by the Partner, will collect, on behalf of the Partner, the sums deriving from the sale of the services successfully completed (and in any case according to the contract with the Partners) and will manage them on the basis of a specific contract with the Partners.

4.4 reserves the right to remove and / or delete any data or information entered, which is not true or in contrast with these Conditions or with the laws in force.


5.1 The possibility of purchasing through the Website is reserved for Users registered on the Website.

5.2 Registration is allowed to all persons of legal age or having legal capacity to enter into contracts. The User will have the opportunity to register at the time of purchase and will be able to check his client account and purchase history at any time.

5.3 To register, the User must select the appropriate section "Register" or (another term indicating the registration) or, alternatively, enter the data during the process of requesting availability of the service and accept the present conditions of use. In order to register, the Customer must consent to the processing of his data. For more information on this, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the website in the PRIVACY POLICY section.

5.4 Registered Customers who will consent to the processing of data for commercial purposes will be sent periodically e-mail or newsletter to make them aware of any Partners added in the Biotravel circuit, any promotional services or any other information related to the site.

6. COMPETITIONS AND GIFTS reserves the right to assign gifts and / or gift certificates to its customers and to open competitions to which each registered customer can participate respecting and sticking to the announcement of each specific competition. The use of gift certificates or discounts may be subject to minimum amounts of expenditure, which will be communicated at any time during the purchase process and may depend on the type of gift certificate.


7.1. The presentation, information, prices and availability of the services or products of the Partners included in the website are entered by the same Partners who will provide the service.

7.2. Before inserting Partners into the databases, signs contracts with them, verifying their existence and operation.

7.3. verifies in various ways the truthfulness of the data and information provided by Partners regarding the services and products promoted through the Website, in order to protect the User from forms of misleading advertising as much as possible.

7.4. In any case, can not guarantee the completeness (also under the legislation on electronic commerce and contracts with consumers) of the content of the information provided by the Partners nor, in particular, the compliance of what described with the service actually provided in the specific case or of the single product actually delivered.

7.5 Biotravel is not liable to Customers in all cases where the discrepancy depends on the fact of the third party, unpredictable event, or modification of the advertised services not communicated by the Partners.

7.6 The customer is invited to report to the any discrepancy between the description of the Partner on the website and the reality found, in which case the reserves the right to report the fact to the partner and possibly to take action regarding protect customers.

7.8 The calendar for requesting availability of the service, made available on the page of each offer, is not binding and the request is not a definitive reservation. Furthermore, no charge will be made at the time of the request. The various phases are well defined in the purchase procedure.


8.1 The price of the product or service purchased is understood to include any tax and any tax levied on it, unless it is otherwise and expressly specified during the purchase procedure.

8.2 The price of the service is not inclusive, as it is not foreseen, of the insurance in case of non-use of the voucher.

8.3 may apply a discount on the total purchase price of the voucher at its complete discretion. This discount is not indicated in advance, but will be applied on the basis of the total expenditure or in relation to other parameters established by


9.1. The purchase contract for a stay or other service ends with the payment of the price. At the conclusion of the purchase procedure, with the successful payment, the Customer will be able to access his / her own history, send messages to the structure, print the request and cancel it by submitting to the conditions relating to the cancellation terms.

9.2. A request for availability that has been confirmed by the Partner, if it is not paid within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the confirmation, will automatically decay and a new request will be required in order to be able to use the service.

9.3 Once the purchase contract is concluded, a copy of the order and the applicable conditions will be sent to the Customer by e-mail confirming the purchase and at the same time stored in the user portal history and by Biotravel S.r.l. at their computer archives.


10.1 The customer, in case of conclusion of the contract with, will credit the total amount related to the purchase on the account of the Partner or on that of and the charge on his credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron and / or other similar credit cards) or via the PayPal account used by the customer, who must have a bank located in Italy as a bank. In the event that other payment methods are provided, they will be managed directly by the structure.

10.2 The customer will be required to notify in case of abnormal or undue charge, by filling in the appropriate contact form, as soon as it is known, in order to allow to carry out the appropriate checks and take the appropriate measures.

10.3 The Customer is entitled to full or partial reimbursement by or by the Partner, by means of re-credit according to this article of the amounts debited (and correctly credited to the account of Biotravel Srl or of the Partner) in the following cases:

In case of cancellation within one hour of the request (total refund).

• In case of cancellation within the terms (full refund).

• In case of cancellation after the deadline (refund according to the cancellation terms).

• In case of cancellation by the Partner within the terms (full refund)

• In the event that the partner is unable to provide the service on the day of check-in (full refund and obligation to remedy the inconvenience as per following article 10.5).

10.4 Refunds are always made directly on the same card used for the purchase, or on the same bank account used for the transfer. It will not be possible to make a refund on paper or current account held by persons other than the holder of the purchase.

10.5 The Partner who has not provided for any communication or cancellation of a reservation, will be obliged to perform the service. In the event that the day of the presentation of the user at the structure the latter will be unable to provide the service will be required to return the full amount received and will be obliged, at the discretion of the user, to find a quality accommodation equal or similar to that purchased by the user. will not be responsible for any disruption, negligence or inconvenience caused by the partner structure.


11.1 The payment of the sums will always be paid to the Partner. Alternatively, in the event that the Partner is not authorized to receive the amounts relating to the service to be provided and under a specific contract signed between and the Partners, is authorized by the same Partner to collect sums paid by the Customer for the purchase of the product or service subject to sale.

11.2 The Client, in transmitting the numbers of his credit card to, implicitly recognizes the above and authorizes to transfer the amounts collected as per contract with the Partner to the Partner, as well as the data for accounting.


12.1 The purchase procedure by the user / consumer of the products and services on the website is detailed below:

a) The User will make a request for availability of the service proposed by the Partner directly on the site, subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale and without paying any fee.

b) The Partner will receive the availability request sent by the user and will have the right, within 24 hours from the request, to "Confirm" or "Reject" the request according to the availability or not to provide the service. After 24 hours from the request in case of no action by the Partner, the same request will expire and will be communicated to the User the impossibility to use the service. The same communication will take place in case of "Rejection" by the Partner.

Biotravel S.r.l., discretionally and depending on the case, may extend the 24-hour expiration granted to the Partner for the acceptance of the request and will take care to send or request the Partner to give feedback directly through the portal.

c) In case of "Confirmation" of availability by the Partner, a notice will be sent (e-mail or other means), containing the methods, data and any links to make the payment. The Partner undertakes to keep the reservation for 36 hours from the confirmation. On the other hand, the payment of the service by the User (unless otherwise specified) must be made within 24 hours of confirmation of availability, otherwise the booking will be canceled.

12.2 In the event that unforeseen events or problems arise, the Partner will, through the website, contact the buyer and establish other solutions.

12.3. For questions and problems concerning the functioning and functionality of the website, will remain available to act in the areas of its competence and concerning the exercise of actions (breakouts, changes, etc.) on the management part of the website .


13.1, generally, does not provide insurance on the purchase of services. However, with discretion, it may decide to add the insurance option to the price visible on the website.

13.2 When inserts the possibility of ensuring the services, the conditions of insurance that will have to be accepted by the customer will be expressly indicated.


14.1 does not provide the services nor does it provide the products promoted through the website.

14.2 The products and services are owned by the Partners and will be provided by them directly. Partners are exclusively responsible towards the Customer (or who will benefit from the good or service) for compliance, accuracy, safety and in general the content and quality of the service or product supplied.

14.3, without prejudice to what was stated in the previous points, operates a control activity aimed at increasing customer protection with respect to possible inconvenience in relation to disputes or complaints concerning the products / goods subject to service.

14.4 carries out "after sales" assistance activities through the "Customer Service", only for instrumental issues concerning the management of the purchase and for the protection of the aspects related to the cancellation but does not manage any refunds by the Partners and not is responsible for the non-repayment. However, in compliance with the contract stipulated with, the partner is obliged to repay according to the established cancellation terms.

14.5 The provision of the good or service may be requested within the terms indicated on the site and established by the Partners (minimum and maximum number of nights, minimum and maximum number of guests, etc.).

14.6 Once a service or product has been purchased, the Customer must request execution of the service directly to the Partner and the performance will take place at the Partner's premises or in another place indicated on the website.

14.7 The reservation is transferable (unless otherwise indicated) exclusively for free. The marketing or other lucrative activity concerning the services purchased on the site by the Customers, unless authorized by, is prohibited.

14.12 Reproduction, editing or manipulation of reservations is prohibited. In case of well-founded suspicion of illegal reproduction or other prohibited activity, the Biotravel S.r.l. reserves the right to communicate the data stored to the relevant Partner and to take legal steps for fraud.


15.1 Unless otherwise indicated, the Site, the domains, symbols and graphics, texts and images, trademarks, logos and content on the Site is the property of Biotravel or of the Partners who have granted the license, and all rights are reserved in accordance with national and international legislation.

15.2 The services, products and everything related to travel packages are owned by the Partners.

15.3 Nothing contained on the Website can be understood as a warranty, implied or otherwise, of a license or right to use the trademarks without the prior written authorization of Biotravel or other party that is the owner of the trademark. It is therefore forbidden, as well as sanctioned civilly and criminally, any form of reproduction and redistribution, even partial, of the layout and graphics of the Site, as well as the contents contained therein, without the prior written consent of Biotravel.

15.4 The contents of any kind provided and entered by Users remain the exclusive property of Users and / or third parties from which the User has obtained the right to use. By sending the aforementioned content, the User also grants the Site the right to use, even commercially, publish, disseminate, duplicate, transmit, display, disseminate and perform publicly, said content.


16.1 The User undertakes to keep the access credentials (password) to the Site absolutely reserved. The User remains solely and exclusively responsible for any and every activity carried out using the account assigned to it. Every use of the account and therefore every contractual obligation will be considered as carried out directly by the Account holder and related to it.

16.2 The User undertakes to immediately communicate the loss of passwords or the violation of their privacy, and any unauthorized use of their account or any other breach of protection. Otherwise any use of the account will be deemed to be made directly by the account holder and referred to it.

16.3 The Website will not be held responsible for any losses, damages or prejudicial consequences suffered by the User due to the use by third parties of the Account or Password.

16.4 The User also undertakes to indemnify and hold the Site undamaged from any and all claims, damages, damages, costs or expenses (including costs for legal assistance as well as those resulting from any judicial measures issued against the Website in which you should incur as a result of using your account and / or password.


17.1 Within the limits provided by law and without prejudice to the rights of consumers, does not provide any guarantee on the suitability of the content of the site, for any purpose, except for that expressly provided for paid services.

17.2 Furthermore, it does not assume any guarantee as to the accuracy or exclusive nature of the content of the Website, in particular the contents entered by the Partners, which remain solely responsible for their contents.

17.3 The User uses the Site under his sole responsibility, and, except for services provided for payment limited to the purpose of the service, can not be held liable, under contractual or non-contractual, for losses or damages arising from the use of the Site, including, without limitation, any damage (direct, indirect, punitive or consequential) and any loss (of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money), as well as losses o damages deriving from business interruption caused by the use or inability to use or the results of use of this Site.

17.4, carrying out an activity of intermediation between Users and Partners, is not responsible for the execution of the services object of sale by the Partners. Any disputes relating to the services offered by the Partners must be addressed to the same.

17.5 In addition, the User undertakes to indemnify and hold the Biotravel undamaged from any and all claims, damages, losses, costs or expenses (including costs for legal assistance as well as those resulting from any judicial measures issued against the Site) in which it should incur as a result of the violation by the User of the rules set out in these Conditions.


18.1 Registered users have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of their data, to know the content and origin, to verify its accuracy or request its integration, cancellation, update , rectification, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their processing, and in any case have all the rights specified in art. 7 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196. Requests should be sent to the Data Controller as specified in the Privacy Policy on in the PRIVACY POLICY section, or by accessing the Reserved Area at, in the "Account" section - "Personal Data", or by filling out the appropriate contact form.

18.2 Registered Customers are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data entered while will not take any responsibility in this regard.

18.3 Registered Customers may cancel their registration / registration at Biotravel at any time by writing to

18.4 In addition, the Customer can contact managers through any matter by opening a Ticket.


19.1 Pursuant to art. 55 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code) "The right of withdrawal provided for in articles 64 and following, as well as articles 52 and 53 and paragraph 1 of article 54 do not apply: (...) b) to contracts provision of services relating to accommodation, transport, catering and leisure, when the Partner undertakes to provide such services on a specific date or in a pre-established period when the contract is concluded. In addition, the same article, (Consumer Code - Article 55) states that, in the event that the user has already started to use the service, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of any right of withdrawal. Any complaints regarding the provision of the service will be resolved directly by the Partner.

19.2 Once the service has been booked with the Partner, since any right of withdrawal can no longer be exercised, the cancellation terms indicated in the terms of each offer will be effective on the site.

19.3 The cancellation terms established are 3 types. The Partner will establish, during registration and completion of its profile on the platform, one of the following cancellation policies:

• Rigid: it is possible to cancel up to 30 days before the trip to receive a full refund, including all costs. If you cancel less than 30 days before the trip, no refund will be applied.

• Moderate: it is possible to cancel up to 7 days before the trip to receive a full refund, including all costs. If you make a cancellation less than 7 days before your trip, no refund will be applied.

• Flexible: it is possible to cancel up to 24 hours before the trip to receive a full refund, including all costs. If you cancel within 24 hours, no refund will be applied.

19.4 The non-submission by a user does not provide any reimbursement either from or from the partner towards the user. However, the partner, at his discretion and responsibility, can grant the user a change in the booking or grant a refund. In any case, the cancellation or non-submission by a user does not provide for the return, by, commissions related to the marketing service.

19.5The user will have the possibility to perform the cancellation directly from his / her user account regardless of the expiry or not of the cancellation terms established by the Partner.

19.6 The cancellation within one hour of the booking request, whether the user has paid or the user has not yet made the payment, will always be free of charge. So, for example, if the structure provides confirmation within 20 minutes of the booking request and the user has made the payment within the next 10 minutes, the latter will have the right to make a free cancellation within the next 30 minutes . This type of event involves the return of all the sums received by the Partner.

19.7 For all bookings confirmed by the Partner and not paid by the user within 24 hours from the date of confirmation, the automatic cancellation will be applied with nothing to expect from both parties, including

19.8 The Partner who has not made any communication or cancellation of a reservation, will be obliged to perform the service. In the event that the day of the presentation of the user at the structure the latter will be unable to provide the service will be required to return the full amount received and will be obliged to find a quality accommodation equal or similar to that purchased by the user . Biotravel S.r.l. will not be responsible for any disruption, negligence or inconvenience caused by the Partner structure. "


20.1 By accessing the Site, using or posting on it, the User and the Site expressly agree among themselves that all disputes, legal actions, or other matters arising from or related to the use of this site will be subject to Italian law.

20.2 The User also accepts that any action against the Site, deriving from or connected to the use of this Site, is attributed exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Larino.

20.3 In the event of a dispute, users are not obliged to resort to an attorney but can contact a dispute resolution body (ADR) possibly also through the ADR online site of the European Commission reachable at the following link http: //ec.europa .eu / consumers / odr /


You can contact Customer Service by opening a ticket or by filling out the appropriate form on the Internet Site, or by pec or by e-mail